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*Grow the Glenn Myernick Foundation to serve even more urban areas
*Increase the number of children served through the Soccer for Success, through US Soccer Foundation
*Develop an academic monitoring program
*Involve the Trenton Police Department to include anti-gang and anti-drug programs
*Expand the "Mooch" program to include more females

Many years ago a very special man named Bill Clarke introduced me to soccer and it changed my life. If we can do the same for some of the kids from Trenton , it is well worth all of our time and effort"- Co-founder, Director of Coaching , Charlie Inverso

The Ten Mooch Princples

  1. Learn how to listen-Look at the person who is speaking. Give them eye contact
  2. Respect your teammates-Respect everyone that you come in contact with
  3. Obey you parents-Thank them for what they do for you. Nothing is more important than family
  4. Be on time
  5. Be responsible- if you are not able to make a practice you must call the coach
  6. Your education will take you further in life than soccer
  7. Don't give in to peer pressure
  8. Work hard. Nothing will be handed to you in life
  9. Learn how to speak properly and politely to everyone. Use correct grammer
  10. Give back to others


Our Mission

The Glenn "Mooch" Myernick Soccer Foundation began its mission in April 2007. The mission of Glenn Myernick Foundation is to use soccer as a vehicle to mentor and provide positive life experiences for the underprivileged children in the city of Trenton, NJ.


We plan to follow through our goals through the following programs:


An introductory program open to boys and girls ages 6-12

For the more advanced players